All-America Team

Compiled by the staff of the College Football America Yearbook, the All-America Team adheres to the scholarship limits of an NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision program with 85 players comprising the team.

The All-America Coaching Staff

Any great team starts with a great coaching staff … and our All-America Coaching Staff is about as good as it gets. We start with four top head coaches including our Coach of the Year, and then we add three offensive coordinators and three defensive coordinators who excelled at their craft in the current season.

All-America Coaches

The All-America Starting Lineup

Our team begins with our All-America Starting Lineup – the 11 players on offense and defense that we deemed the best in college football this year. Then we selected four specialists – a kicker, punter, kick returner and punt returner – before concluding the Starting Lineup with an All-Purpose performer who excels in several different categories. In all, we recognize 27 of the nation’s top players in our All-America Starting Lineup.

All-America Offense Starting Lineup
All-America Defense Starting Lineup
All-America Special Teams and All-Purpose

The All-America Second String

Our top backups are all members of’s All-America Second String. Here we selected 11 offensive and defensive substitutes that just missed the cut for our Starting Lineup. The 22 players honored here bring us to a total count of 49 All-Americans.

All-America Offense Second String
All-America Defense Second String

The All-America Reserves

The third-string on any FBS program will include a fair number of freshmen, and our All-America team does include a full freshman team (more on that below). That still leaves 10 positions to fill, however, that are the equivalent of a third-string unit. It’s here on our All-America Reserves where we add some critical depth on offense and defense while also picking up a fullback and a long snapper. The 10 players honored here bring our roster count to a total of 59 All-Americans.

All-America Reserves

The All-America Freshmen

The All-America Freshman team is comprised of 11 offensive players, 11 defensive players and four specialists. The total of 26 players named to the freshman teams completes our full 85-man All-America squad.

All-America Freshman Offense
All-America Freshman Defense
All-America Freshman Special Teams

The All-America Honor Roll

With just 85 slots available, there are dozens of talented players that didn’t make the cut for our team. The All-America Honor Roll is our chance to acknowledge the accomplishments of some of those players beginning with’s Next Man Up – the next best player at each position that didn’t make our 85-man roster. The All-America Honorable Mention then salutes another 50 players that made an impact on college football this fall for a total of 77 players on the All-America Honor Roll.’s Next Man Up
All-America Honorable Mention

Other All-America Teams

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