CFA: The Program

In each edition of the College Football America Yearbook, Publisher Kendall Webb selects a team of the nation’s top incoming freshmen designated by their signing year — e.g., the Class of 2018.

Each class includes 11 offensive starters, 11 defensive starters and two specialists (a kicker and a punter). Additionally, in 2018, we’ll take one junior college transfer along with our first graduate transfer. (Also, our specialist in 2018 is actually the kicker and the punter.)

Essentially, the program is a preseason Freshman All-America team as we hope to settle on players that will be immediate contributors to their respective programs. Of course, to get the best players at some positions, it means we likely will select players that ultimately take a redshirt year. So our second goal is to find players that will be successful over the long-term and hopefully compete for All-America honors and major awards in the future. Finally, we hope to find players that will have an opportunity to move on to the NFL someday.

In order to monitor these goals, in each subsequent edition of the yearbook we update the progress of these annual classes tracking the players in the context of a college football program. Ultimately, “The Program” is a snapshot of how a program might look if we could chose any player we wanted in any given year.

Over time, we will conform to FBS standards, maintaining no more than 85 scholarship players, and if a player transfers, he will be dropped from our roster whether or not he’s successful with his new program. Finally, we will strive to find the best players from all around the United States making this a team that truly represents all of America.

This is College Football America State University.

We call it simply … The Program.

Current Scholarship Players: 85


Former members of The Program that were cut due to scholarship limits.
Current Practice Squad Members: 11

Former members of The Program that graduated or left early for the pros.
Program Alumni: 42

Players that quit or transferred from The Program.
Former Program Members: N/A