Major All-America Teams

The following five organizations release All-America teams that are currently used by the NCAA to determine consensus and unanimous All-America status. A code (e.g., ‘001’) is used to identify that organization’s selections in our database.

A1 – The American Football Coaches Association (AFCA): Selected continuously since 1945 (published in Saturday Evening Post Magazine, 1945-47; in Collier’s Magazine, 1948-56; sponsored by General Mills, 1957-59, and by Eastman Kodak, 1960-93)

A2 – The Associated Press (AP): selected continuously since 1925

 A3 – The Football Writers Association of America (FWAA): Selected continuously since 1945 (published in Look Magazine, 1946-70)

A4 – The Sporting News (TSN): Selected from 1934-1963 and 1993-present

A5 – The Walter Camp Football Foundation (WCFF): Selected from 1972-1974 and 1983-present

Other current major selectors available in our database include:

B1 – Athlon Sports

B2 – CBS Sports

B3 – College Football News


B5 – FOX Sports

B6 –

B7 – Sports Illustrated: Selected from 2001-present (initially presented in 2001 under the CNN-Sports Illustrated banner; since 2002 it has been presented as just Sports Illustrated)

B8 – USA Today

B9 – Yahoo! Sports

R1 – Selected from 2015-present

Additionally, a number of historical organizations or selectors that are now defunct or inactive, have also selected All-America teams in the past. Some of those were used to determine consensus status, and they are included here as well.

C1 – Caspar Whitney: Selected from 1889-1908 (published in The Week’s Sport in association with Walter Camp, 1889-90; Published in Harper’s Weekly, 1891-96, and in Outing Magazine, which he owned, 1898-1908; Walter Camp substituted for Whitney, who was on a world sports tour, and selected Harper’s Weekly’s team for 1897)

C2 – Walter Camp: Selected from 1898-1924 (published in Harper’s Weekly, 1897; in Collier’s Magazine, 1898-1924; Camp’s 1917 squad was an All-Service All-America team)

C3 – International News Service: Selected from 1913-1917, 1920 and 1924-1957 (1948 team was the first All-America team to select offensive and defensive teams; merged with United Press in 1958 to form United Press International)

C4 – Frank Menke Syndicate: Selected from 1916-1920

C5 – Newspaper Enterprise Association: Selected in 1917 and again from 1924-1942 and 1944-1973

C6 – Football World Magazine: Selected in 1920 and again from 1923-1925

C7 – All-America Board: Selected from 1924-1946 and 1949-1955

C8 – Liberty Magazine: Selected from 1924-1925 and 1931-1941

C9 – Collier’s Magazine: Selected from 1925-1947 (selections by Grantland Rice, 1925-47; published American Football Coaches Association teams, 1948-56, listed under code ‘001’)

D1 – United Press: Selected from 1925-1957 (merged with International News Service in 1958 to form United Press International)

D2 – North American Newspaper Alliance: Selected from 1927-1930 and 1932-1937

D3 – Newsweek: Selected from 1937-1942

D4 – Look Magazine: Selected from 1942-1945 (published FWAA team listed in code ‘003’ from 1946-1970)

D5 – Football News: Selected from 1943-1944 and 1993-2001

D6 – United Press International: Selected from 1958-1996

D7 – Central Press: Selected from 1963-1970

D8 – Parmley Paret: Selected from 1897-1899