About Us

Who are we?

First and foremost, we are sports fans just like you, and we are all huge college football fans. There’s nothing like fall when the cool weather arrives and the leaves begin to change color, and the roads and highways of this amazing country beckon once again. So we do what you wish you could – we hit the road virtually every weekend traveling to college football games. We cover the sport at every level – from the major colleges of the NCAA to the small colleges of Division III and the NAIA. Along the way, we pay a visit to a few junior college games, and we also pay a visit to dozens of high school games focusing on top-ranked teams and major college recruits all over the country.

Along the way, we post it all on a pretty cool Facebook page at www.facebook.com/roadtripsportsfans/ where we also try to keep you posted on breaking news or any other interesting links we come across. And we shout it out to the Twitterverse for anybody who’s listening at twitter.com/RoadTripSports. And, then in the spring, we get back to work on the next edition of the beautiful, one-of-a-kind College Football America Yearbook – a 450-page celebration of college football which includes every team in America and Canada along with updates on Mexico and the rest of the international scene.

Finally, we try to bring a little order to all of it here at RoadTripSports.com, the internet home of the College Football America Yearbook. The name reflects our spirit and our mission, and we try to share all of the aspects of a great road trip including some of the side roads along the way. We’re still building, but eventually, the goal is that RoadTripSports.com will be kind of a ‘college football wikipedia.’

We welcome you to follow along and take the journey with us. It might end up being one of your favorite trips!

Get to know the RoadTripSports.com staff by checking out our bio pages:

Publisher Kendall Webb
Associate Publisher Chuck Cox
Researcher E. John Fineran
Associate Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Matthew Postins