All-America Teams

Various organizations release their own versions of All-America teams each fall at the conclusion of the season. Additionally, releases its own All-America Team. You can keep up with the various major teams here.

The All-America Team

Selected by the staff of the College Football America Yearbook, the All-America Team was first released in 2015. Adhering to major college football’s 85-man scholarship limit, the team is the only All-America team assembled in the same way as a major college roster.

In addition to the All-Americans, the CFA staff also selects the All-America Honor Roll featuring’s Next Man Up – the top players at each position that didn’t make the initial 85-man cut. Another 50 players receive All-America Honorable Mention for a total of 77 players on the Honor Roll.

Major All-America Teams

A description of all the current and historical selectors that have been used to determine consensus and unanimous All-America status. Also, a link to our All-America Database searchable by player name, year, selector and consensus/unanimous status.