Stadium Video: Faurot Field, Missouri

Faurot Field is the home of Missouri Tigers football, and the staff at and the College Football America Yearbook have had the chance to visit on several occasions, on game day and during the normal school year. The field has a rich history.

Faurot Field opened in 1926 and is named for Don Faurot, who serves as the Tigers’ head coach from 1935-42 and from 1946-56. Faurot served as athletic director for much of his time as head coach, and also served as AD after he retired from coaching in 1956 until 1967. Faurot also played for the Tigers in the 1920s and reportedly helped lay the sod at the field that would one day bear his name.

He also made playing “money games” fashionable. He scheduled Ohio State nine times in an 11-year period in order to help the university make enough money to pay off the debt from the stadium bonds. Before he passed in 1995 at the age of 93, he placed the last piece of sod back in the stadium’s field after the Tigers converted from artificial turf to natural grass.

Faurot Field has undergone many changes over the years and is now one of the most modern football facilities in the state of Missouri and can seat more than 70,000 on gameday. Despite the many changes, the grass ‘M’ behind one end zone remains.

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