Stadium Video: Houck Stadium, Southeast Missouri

The home of Redhawks football is one of FCS’s top facilities

Houck Stadium has served as the home of Southeast Missouri football since 1930, and the stadium isn’t showing its age one bit. That is thanks, in part of a commitment to keeping Houck Stadium a modern home for Redhawks football. Those recent improvements include new Field Turf, state-of-the-art scoreboard and new lighting. This is in addition to exterior improvements to the stadium that keep the entrance looking sleek. It’s a far cry from what the stadium began as when it was built before the 1930 season. Constructed on a former rock quarry, it required 10,000 bags of cement, 23,000 feet of Oregon fir and 150,000 feet of yellow pine to complete the project. College Football America and Road Trip Sports loved this stadium on its last visit and recommends it to anyone as a great place to watch a game on Saturday afternoons.

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