Bill Hildebrand Coaching Tree

The College Football Coaching Tree

College Jobs

Whitworth Head Coach (1952)
Wake Forest Head Coach (1960-1963)

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Bill Hildebrand Coaching Tree Roots

TREE TOP: Dana X. Bible via Paul J. Amen
TREE TOP: Lucius N. Littauer via Paul J. Amen

College Roots

Allyn McKeen
Played at Mississippi State for McKeen (1944-1946)
Ends coach at Mississippi State under McKeen (1947-1948)

Murray Warmath
Freshmen coach at Mississippi State under Warmath (1953)
Line coach at Minnesota under Warmath (1954-1955)

Paul J. Amen
Line coach at Wake Forest under Amen (1956-1959)

Dave Skrien
Assistant coach for the BC Lions under Skrien (1966)

Charley Shira
Defensive coordinator at Mississippi State under Shira (1967-1968)

Bill Hildebrand Coaching Tree Branches

John Mackovic
Wake Forest Head Coach (1978-1980)
Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach (1983-1986)
Illinois Head Coach (1988-1991)
Texas Head Coach (1992-1997)
Arizona Head Coach (2001-2003)

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