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Major Applewhite Coaching Tree Roots

TREE TOP: Dana X. Bible via John Mackovic
TREE TOP: Walter Camp via Mack Brown, Todd Graham and Nick Saban
TREE TOP: Alexander S. Lilley via Tom Herman and John Mackovic
TREE TOP: Lucius N. Littauer via John Mackovic and Nick Saban
TREE TOP: E.O. “Woody” Wagenhorst via Mack Brown

College Roots

John Mackovic
Redshirted at Texas under Mackovic (1997)

Mack Brown
Played quarterback at Texas for Brown (1998-2001)
Graduate assistant at Texas under Brown (2003-2004)
Assistant head coach/running backs coach at Texas under Brown (2008-2010)
Co-offensive coordinator/running backs coach at Texas under Brown (2011-2012)
Co-offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at Texas under Brown (2013)

Greg Robinson
Quarterbacks coach at Syracuse under Robinson (2005)

Todd Graham
Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at Rice under Graham (2006)

Nick Saban
Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at Alabama under Saban (2007)

Tom Herman
Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at Houston under Herman (2015-2016)

Major Applewhite Coaching Tree Branches

No branches yet (2017)


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