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Pennsylvania Head Coach (1888-1891)

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E.O. “Woody” Wagenhorst is one of college football’s elite Tree Tops in the Coaching Tree. He played college football at Princeton (1886-1887) before the program had a designated head coach, and he played briefly for Pennsylvania (1888) during his first season as the Quakers’ head coach. His tree immediately flows into the John W. Heisman Tree, the coach for whom this branch of the College Football Coaching Tree is best known.

E.O. “Woody” Wagenhorst Coaching Tree Branches

John W. Heisman
Oberlin Head Coach (1892)
Buchtel (now Akron) Head Coach (1893-1894)
Auburn Head Coach (1895-1899)
Clemson Head Coach (1900-1903)
Georgia Tech Head Coach (1904-1919)
Pennsylvania Head Coach (1920-1922)
Rice Head Coach (1924-1927)

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