Tom Landry Coaching Tree

The College Football Coaching Tree

Pro Jobs

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach (1960-1988)

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Tom Landry Coaching Tree Roots

College Roots

Dana X. Bible
Played at Texas for Bible (1942, 1946)

Blair Cherry
Played at Texas for Cherry (1947-1948)

Pro Roots

Red Strader
Played for the AAFC’s New York Yankees under Strader (1949)

Steve Owen
Played for the New York Giants under Owen (1950-1953)

Jim Lee Howell
Played for the New York Giants under Howell (1954-1955)
Defensive coordinator for the New York Giants under Howell (1954-1959)

Tom Landry Coaching Tree Branches

Mike Ditka
Chicago Bears Head Coach (1982-1992)
New Orleans Saints Head Coach (1997-1999)

Dan Reeves
Denver Broncos Head Coach (1981-1992)
New York Giants Head Coach (1993-1996)
Atlanta Falcons Head Coach (1997-2003)

John Mackovic
Wake Forest Head Coach (1978-1980)
Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach (1983-1986)
Illinois Head Coach (1988-1991)
Texas Head Coach (1992-1997)
Arizona Head Coach (2001-2003)

Gene Stallings
Texas A&M Head Coach (1965-1971)
Alabama Head Coach (1990-1996)
St. Louis/Phoenix Cardinals Head Coach (1986-1989)

Raymond Berry
New England Patriots Head Coach (1984-1989)


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