Glenn “Pop” Warner Coaching Tree

The College Football Coaching Tree

College Jobs

Georgia Head Coach (1895-1896)
Cornell Head Coach (1897-1898, 1904-1906)
Carlisle Indian School Head Coach (1899-1903, 1907-1914)
Pittsburgh Head Coach (1915-1923)
Stanford Head Coach (1924-1932)
Temple Head Coach (1933-1938)

Additional Resources

Glenn “Pop” Warner Home Page

Glenn “Pop” Warner Coaching Tree Roots

TREE TOP: Lucius N. Littauer via Marshall “Ma” Newell

College Roots

Marshall “Ma” Newell
Played at Cornell for Newell in 1894

Glenn “Pop Warner” Coaching Tree Branches

Andy Gustafson
Virginia Tech Head Coach (1926-1929)
Miami (FL) Head Coach (1948-1963)


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