Frank W. Thomas Coaching Tree

The College Football Coaching Tree

College Jobs

Chattanooga Head Coach (1925-1928)
Alabama Head Coach (1931-1946)

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Frank W. Thomas Coaching Tree Roots

TREE TOP: Walter Camp via Knute Rockne

College Roots

William “Bill” Spaulding
Played at Western State Normal (now Western Michigan) for Spaulding (1917-1918)

Knute Rockne
Played at Notre Dame for Rockne (1920-1922)

George C. “Kid” Woodruff
Assistant coach at Georgia under Woodruff (1923-1924)

Harry J. Mehre
Backfield coach at Georgia under Mehre (1929-1930)

Frank W. Thomas Coaching Tree Branches

Paul “Bear” Bryant
Maryland Head Coach (1945)
Kentucky Head Coach (1946-1953)
Texas A&M Head Coach (1954-1957)
Alabama Head Coach (1958-1982)

Harold “Red” Drew
Trinity (CT) Head Coach (1921-1923)
Birmingham-Southern Head Coach (1924-1927)
Chattanooga Head Coach (1929-1930)
Ole Miss Head Coach (1946)
Alabama Head Coach (1947-1954)


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