January 5: This Date in American Football History

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1891 – College Football Hall of Fame Class of 1973 member Hube Wagner was born. Wagner played end for Pittsburgh (1910-1913). In 1915, he also played professionally for the Canton Bulldogs.

1892 – College Football Hall of Fame Class of 1972 member John Beckett was born. Beckett played tackle for Oregon (1913-1916). With the United States entering World War I, Beckett then joined the Marines and played for the base team at Mare Island (1917) which played in the 1918 Rose Bowl. Beckett also played two seasons for the Buffalo All-Americans and the Columbus Panhandles in the early years of the NFL.

1910 – College Football Hall of Fame Class of 1954 member “Big Ed” Widseth was born. Widseth played tackle for Minnesota (1934-1936). He then spent four seasons with the NFL’s New York Giants (1937-1940).

1926 – College Football Hall of Fame Class of 1968 member Buddy Young was born. Young played halfback for Illinois (1944, 1946). He then played professionally for the AAFC’s New York Yankees (1947-1949) before joining the NFL’s New York Yanks for the next two seasons (1950-1951). He then moved on to the Dallas Texans (1952) before finishing his career with the Baltimore Colts (1953-1955).

1975 – College Football Hall of Fame Class of 1963 member Claude “Monk” Simons died. Simons played halfback for Tulane (1932-1934). He then entered the coaching profession serving as the head coach at Transylvania (1935-1937) before returning to Tulane to lead his alma mater (1942-1945).



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