Pepper Rodgers Coaching Tree

The College Football Coaching Tree

College Jobs

Kansas Head Coach (1967-1970)
UCLA Head Coach (1971-1973)
Georgia Tech Head Coach (1974-1979)

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Pepper Rodgers Coaching Tree Roots

Root No. 1
Bobby Dodd

Played quarterback/kicker at Georgia Tech under Dodd from 1951-1953

Root No. 2
Ben Martin
Assistant coach at Air Force under Martin from 1958-1959

Root No. 3
Ray Graves
Assistant coach at Florida under Graves from 1960-1964

Root No. 4
Tommy Prothro
Assistant coach at UCLA under Prothro from 1965-1966

Pepper Rodgers Coaching Tree Branches

Steve Spurrier
Duke Head Coach (1987-1989)
Florida Head Coach (1990-2001)
South Carolina Head Coach (2005-2015)

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